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яю<h1>Services: Internet marketing in Russia Internet advertising in Russia, - MarkInvest Oy </h1> <p class="txt">Markinvest is a Russian internet marketing expert in Finland. Since 2000, Markinvest has designed and implemented Internet-based marketing and sales campaigns for the Finnish "Russian export companies" operating in Russia.</p> <p class="txt">In Russia the Internet is the most popular tool for searching information and an excellent sales and marketing tool. For an export company the Internet in Russia is flexible, fast and the cheapest way to reach potential businesses.</p> <p class="txt">Internet in Russia boosts "Russian export company s" visibility. Internet marketing develops corporate and product image and helps in acquiring "hot" customer contacts from Russia.</p> <h1>Internet services in Russia</h1> <p class="txt">Markinvest is an expert company specializing in Internet marketing. We are able to exploit the potential of the Russian Internet in market research, sales and marketing. </p> <p class="txt">Internet advertising (online advertising), website designing and texts in Russian, optimization, planning and implementation of Internet campaigns in different search engines and directories.</p> <p class="txt">1. Domain registration and maintenance of the registration </p> <p class="txt"> Domain Registration </p> <p class="txt"> - -.ru, -.su, and -.P$ (-.RF). -.RF is a Cyrillic domain in Russia. </p> <p class="txt">Uploading websites to the server </p> <p class="txt">- Providing server space, uploading the Russian websites to the server and the maintenance of the server. </p> <p class="txt">2. Development of the Russian websites </p> <p class="txt">- Checking and editing of the accuracy of language and vocabulary on the Russian websites </p> <p class="txt">- Translation of Finnish websites, analysis of Russian keywords and key phrases, technical capacity to create the websites </p> <p class="txt">- Creating the new websites, layout, graphics, text design, technical capabilities, ensuring visibility in Yandex, Google, Rambler and Apport search engines </p> <p class="txt">- Installing analytics </p> <p class="txt">3. Optimization and overall optimization, optimization Yandex and Google search engines </p> <p class="txt">- Visibility in the Russian Internet and visibility at the top of the results page / directories create a permanent long-term basis for an export companyґs sales and marketing work in Russia.</p> <p class="txt">- The overall optimization, analysis of major catalogs, design of the informative text and uploading </p> <p class="txt">4. Online advertising, keyword advertising </p> <p class="txt">- Search engine advertising on the Russian Internet (Yandex.Direct, Google AdWords, and Begun) is a quick way to get contacts from Russia. </p> <p class="txt">5. Russia Forum Information Portal - an Internet tool in Russia for export and import companies </p> <p class="txt">- Registration to Russia Forum Information System is free of charge. Your company will be visible on the Russian Internet. The company can introduce its products and their company (mini-site) and publish news, inform about trade fairs etc. </p> <p class="txt">Russia Forum Information Portal is a sales and marketing tool for the "Russian exporting companies". Russia Forum Information Portal is a meeting place for the export / import companies on the Russian Internet.</p> <ul class="txt"> <a href="http://www.rus-forum.ru">Russia Forum Information Portal></a></p> <p class="txt">Search engines and directories in Russia </p> <p class="txt">Search engines in Russia, the most popular search engines in Russia are Yandex.ru, Google.ru, Mail.ru and Rambler.ru. </p> <ul><li>Yandex.ru 49.50% </li> <li>Google.ru 33.93% </li> <li>Mail.ru 9.61% </li> <li>Rambler.ru 3.38% </li> <li>Other 3.58% </li></ul> </li>

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